On a Monday morning back In April of 2017 I started another 60 + hour work week and fell off a ladder at work. I found myself at the intersection of gravity and concrete. I literally broke my back , messed my neck up and will be IN PAIN the rest of my days. I hated the pills and for the first time in my life put a gun in my mouth and considered suicide. A friend gave me a joint and I smoked it . For the first time in this black hole there was light at the end of the tunnel. On the pills there’s NO HOPE . With MJ there’s a peaceful light that is calming and says Although the way isn’t clear yet, we’re going to make it. Death is NOT the answer. To keep my sanity and deal with my pain I smoke daily, several times a day. As a younger man I spent one night in jail and learned that lesson the first time. Other than a couple of speeding tickets I’ve stayed out of trouble but now I’m a criminal in my beloved state of Indiana. I’m a Fucking PATIENT, NOT a criminal !