Hello My Fellow Warriors,
My name is Renee , founder of P.O.T. C E O. and one of the administrators for WCW and this is my story:
I was born and raised in a small town here in Indiana where everyone knows everyone. As I grew, so did my adventure. I come into this fight from so many directions, I can not tell you if there is one reason more important than another.
As a teen POT was introduced after and I express AFTER I had already drank enough to possibly kill my liver, sniffed enough Gas, glue and paint to burn my brain cells and did enough Robo buzzes to have overdosed. I was lucky to make it to 16. Pot was my saviour! My Gateway out of self destruction but little did I know that at the time.
I married young and found myself in an abuse relationship. I found my way out but not without anxiety and depression coming with. In my 20’s I started having symptoms of my mothers back issues. Sure enough arthritis and deterioration had started.
Now at the age of 45 I have been diagnosed with, Arthritis of the Spine and sit bones, Degenerative disc disease, Deterioration of the discs, Herniated discs, Scaitica of the Hip and Neck, Lichen Sclerosis, COPD, Depression, Anxiety, Tendonitis in the hands, tendonitis in the Achilles tendon, TMJ, Tendinitis in the shoulder, Hiatal hernia, and hematuria. I have had a hysterectomy done to remove an over grown Uterus and Cervix that was covered in cyst.
The doctors prescribed me all sorts of medicines but the side effects made it hard for me to continue with most. I quickly realized that my cannabis was working if I used it in a way that allowed me to treat yet still be functional. You would almost think that would be enough to make me fight for it right? Well it wasn’t. See I could sit at home, more like hide, and not have to worry about being beaten down any further. So you ask why I fight? Here is why!
I watched my Mom drink herself to death trying to cover the pain of her deteriorating back. I have watched my daughter become an addict to opioids as she battled mental illness. I watched my father be neglected by his Cancer doctor and eventually lose his battle. I sit beside my best friend who is now gasping for air because her COPD is at stage 4. I talk to our Veterans and our elderly everday about how they are not getting proper care. I watch as we lose people to drug overdoses, most from prescription drugs. I feel all the pain from everything around me.
I fight for those who can’t! I will not give up until everyone who needs this can legally get it. I fight to break a stigma that was started long ago. I fight because our Health is more important than their Wealth! I fight for YOU and I will not stop until the truth is told!! I will not remain silent! I will not stand around and allow others to suffer. Uniting with WCW becomes a force to be reckoned with. In it till we win it! R3

Peace, Love and Happiness,
Renee M. Burkett