Debbie Little

My son has epilepsy due to a TBI, He has been on so many different medications and has both a VNS and RNS so his Neurologist can see how much seizure activity he is having 24/7. The Dr. noticed that at certain times of the month my sons seizure activity was not as active. I told him that at those times my son was smoking more cannabis, so he had us start keeping track via his patient portal on his seizures and whether or not he had been smoking or not. After months of all this data and our communication the Dr. now believes the cannabis is helping to stop them or at least keeping them more ar a minimum. The RNS helps a lot also as it monitors and stimulates the brain when seizure activity is detected. The Neurologist is now using my sons case to try to help with the legalization of Medical Cannabis in Alabama. We are from Indiana but moved down here in 2016, Before we came here my son was in the hospital several times a year due to his severe seizures, now 3 years later he is doing so much better and hasnt had a Grand Mal seizure in almost 2 years. When we were in Indiana his Neurologist told him if he continued using Cannabis that they wouldn’t be able to give him anymore of his rescue medication but here they not only give it to him but encourages him to continue the cannabis (off the record as the Dr. says). The government needs to realise how beneficial cannabis is for epilepsy and so many other illnesses.