Concerned Hoosier Firefighter

Coming from a career field with a high suicide rate and mental health on decline, it’s beyond time cannabis be legalized. Due to what we see on a regular basis depression, anxiety, PTSD, and mental health is taking a toll on the brothers and sisters. Alcohol abuse is high, we don’t usually like to reach out and talk about our feelings, and yet we do the best we can to continue on. Sadly too many are unable to cope, especially in a healthy manner. I feel strongly about cannabis legalization and the help it can provide to so many of us. Being a former cannabis user in my younger years, I’ve can attest to the benefits personally. The health benefits would help so many Hoosiers that it’s mind blowing we’re still fighting for the legalization of a plant that can help. I’m beyond happy to see WCW fighting the good fight and fighting it as hard as they are right now. I’ve even reached at was able to chat with one of their members and right felt like we’d known each other for years even though we’ve never met nor talked prior to that. Keep up the good work ladies, and know it’s not vain. You have fans and supporters from all walks of life. Thanks for all you do.