April Weaver

I have an amazing story to tell!- (kind of long but it means a lot to me.)
As some of you know, I have watched both of my parents struggle with addiction since I was a child. I lost my dad March 19th 2018, five days after my birthday. Both of my parents have always been loving parents, even through the dark times, and struggles. I understand as an adult how some drugs can make a person evil.
My dad, I personally believe would still be here if he had access to cannabis, he was at the time of his death on probation from a previous dwi not from alcohol but abusing his medication, and was unable to use cannabis bc of the length of time it stays in our systems.
In 1997 he was arrested, and would spend a year in prison for growing cannabis. He knew the benefits before I ever did. I often wonder if he was never persecuted for a plant if he would have still went down the pharmaceutical path. He was in pain, I know, I have inherited my OA from him.
Everyday of my life since my dads death I question myself and wonder if he was able to treat his ailments with cannabis, would he still be here? If I stood up to my dad and told him he needed help would he still be here? I tell myself I should have reached out and helped him, yet I didn’t get the chance.
On my birthday last year he gave me a birthday card that said happy birthday mother, not daughter. He was messed up that day, and I told my husband as soon as he walked out the door he was going to kill himself or another person, five days later he died on a cold dark country road, alone. My birthday last year was the last day I will ever talk to my dad again. I remember that day like it was yesterday, I always will.
So, now the hard parts out, let’s get to the positive part of this story. My mom struggles with addiction also, she has my whole life with different substances. The past several years she has been abusing her anxiety medication. She would go through spells, and I know the days she decides to abuse them because she will not call me, and acts like a completely different person.
After her last episode, we had a talk, she said I scared her to death, lol. Maybe that is what dad needed? It took me a lot to say what I had to say. I told her I was not burying her like I did my dad. It was time to stop, or I would personally call her dr myself. One way or another it was coming to an end.
I went to our local CBD store-Holistic CBD got her a 1000mg tincture, and took her some of my personal remedy.
She has been clean for over a week! Several days after our talk she called her dr herself to stop the meds. I am so proud of her! Today, I took her to her first meeting to stay on track, and to build a support system. Not one person in the meeting brought up cannabis, yet several people had a problem with alcohol, which is legal. Imagine that?
Mom has been wanting to advocate with me for awhile, in fact she has stood with me several times. I slowly would not allow her to tag along at times because her actions were embarrassing when over medicated. Today we were talking that she is now a success story, and will be able to attend events, and help others through her story.
If you know someone who is struggling please reach out, please help them, you may be their only hope?
I am excited to walk this journey with my mom right by her side, holding her hand.